Offer exceptional customer support using a
unified Whatsapp Inbox


Offer exceptional customer support using a
unified Whatsapp Inbox


Assign agents to create firm customer relationships

Cultivate strong customer relationships by enabling agents to address multiple queries from a single interface, leveraging intelligent routing and workflows to auto-assign chats to agents with the appropriate skills and bandwidth, and utilizing canned responses and auto replies to respond quickly and efficiently to common inquiries.


Enhance Agent Performance via
Measuring & Analyzing

Track agent performance
Real-time conversation
Manage traffic efficiently
Get Performance insights
Higher Customer Satisfaction

Deliver Exceptional Customer Experiences
with a Unified Customer View

Attributes to Enhance Agent

Multi-level thesis

Create distinct views for admins, managers, and agents. Assign roles, control access, and effectively manage teams.

Standardized Templates

Utilize highly structured messaging (HSM) templates to send WhatsApp messages that encourage action.

Pause chats & nudge inactive clients

Put conversations on pause until you resolve the issue. Encourage idling customers to pick up the conversation and settle every issue

Configurable APIs and integrations

Integrate with help desk and CRM platforms like Leadsquared, Zendesk, Freshdesk, Salesforce, and Zoho,etc.

Empower Managers

Admin and managers should be given more authority so they can govern chats without negatively impacting the customer experience.

Identify chats for later use

Mark vital conversations that need attention or can be consulted later to handle related questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can help my team become more productive?'s features make communication easier, streamline workflows, and enhance collaboration, resulting in improved team productivity.
How can agent dashboards benefit my team?

Agent dashboards help agents track their interactions, evaluate their performance, measure customer satisfaction, and make informed decisions to enhance the customer experience.
Can smoothly transition from chatbots to live agents?

Yes, seamlessly transitions chatbot conversations to live agents while preserving the context, providing a seamless customer experience and personalized assistance.
Can important conversations be saved for future reference?

Yes, allows marking vital conversations for attention or later consultation, ensuring consistent support and handling related questions.
How can benefit managers? campaigns? gives managers increased authority to manage chats effectively without compromising the customer experience, ensuring efficient team management.
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