Expand your Food Business with WhatsApp API

Get people excited about your food menu, taking orders for home delivery, curbside pick up and dine-in, to sharing recommendations, do it all with WhatsApp Business API.

Grow your Food Business with the WhatsApp Business API

Top Restaurent Brands Growing with WhatsApp

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Grow your restaurant and food business with the all-in-one platform

Set up automatic and personalised WhatsApp messages to offer discounts and send updates. Keep customers informed with delivery notifications sent via WhatsApp.

  • 24/7 Support for Foodies
  • Support clients round the clock at scale. Gather ratings/feedback from clients using WhatsApp automated flows
  • Easy Order and Tracking
  • Easily keep customers informed about delivery time, order status, and agent details.
Grow your restaurant and food business with the all-in-one platform

Promote your food menu with WhatsApp Catalogs

Use WhatsApp broadcasts to reach a wider audience and showcase your restaurant menus.

Highlight the irresistible dishes and products available for convenient online ordering. Keep your customers in the loop by providing timely updates about their orders.


Convert hungry diners into loyal fans with Anantya.ai

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Issue verified returns and refunds

Verify customer and order details, choose the return/refund method, and address issues instantly.

WhatsApp streamlines the process for hassle-free returns, ensuring customer satisfaction and trust with a seamless experience.

Issue verified returns and refunds

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Frequently Asked Question

Need A Support?

A: Absolutely! WhatsApp Business API enables you to create engaging catalogs to showcase your food menu, highlight special offers, and tempt customers with mouthwatering visuals.

A: Absolutely! Our QR scanners are safe and reliable for a secure dining experience. We prioritize data security through encryption measures. You can confidently scan our QR codes to access the menu and place your order, knowing your information is protected from unauthorized access.

Yes, customers can conveniently place orders directly through WhatsApp using the API. They can browse your menu, select items, provide necessary details, and complete the order process seamlessly within the WhatsApp interface.

A: A WhatsApp chat bot can significantly benefit your food business by automating customer interactions, and providing instant responses to inquiries about menus, prices, and special offers. It can also handle orders, process payments, and provide personalized recommendations, enhancing customer satisfaction and streamlining operations.
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