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Enhance accessibility, affordability, and flexibility in education

Engage students with personalised chat conversations on WhatsApp

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Attract Students with Exciting Ad Campaigns

Use Click To WhatsApp Ads to invite potential students to chat. Engage students and parents with a convenient WhatsApp widget to encourage course enrollment.

  • Simplify Application Process
  • By collecting data through these conversations, applicants can share information in a more natural and effortless manner, streamlining the overall experience and increasing efficiency.
  • Provide Support to Students
  • Deliver personalised student support, addressing queries and concerns in real-time. This kind of help makes learning easier and encourages students to do well in their studies.

Smooth Admissions Process: Engage and Connect via WhatsApp Business API

Engage students in interactive conversations to encourage their admission with ease

Use a Green Tick Verified account to establish trust and credibility among students

Keep students engaged and informed by sharing regular course updates via WhatsApp


Encourage the Right Learning with WhatsApp

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Keep Students Engaged & Informed with WhatsApp Chatbot

  • Share personalised news and announcements through automated WhatsApp notifications.

  • Encourage participation in extracurriculars through WhatsApp for better engagement.

  • Deliver personalised study materials promptly to students via WhatsApp.


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Frequently Asked Question

Need A Support?

A: WhatsApp can be a powerful tool for educational institutes to enhance communication, engagement, and student support. It allows institutes to connect with students, share information, provide updates, deliver study materials, and facilitate interactive discussions.

A: Educational institutes can leverage WhatsApp in several ways, such as: Sending important announcements and notifications to students and parents. Sharing course materials, study resources, and assignment details. Conducting interactive discussions and Q&A sessions with students. Offering personalized support and guidance to students through direct messaging. Facilitating quick and convenient communication between teachers, students, and parents.

A: Absolutely! WhatsApp can simplify and expedite the admissions and enrollment process. Institutes can: Share admission forms, prospectuses, and course catalogs via WhatsApp. Answer prospective students' queries promptly and guide them through the application process. Conduct interviews, group discussions, and admission-related discussions through WhatsApp. Collect required documents and information from applicants using WhatsApp.

A: While WhatsApp provides end-to-end encryption for messages, it's essential to ensure that sensitive information is shared responsibly. Institutes should educate users on data privacy, avoid sharing confidential information over public groups, and comply with applicable data protection regulations.
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