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Help patients on any channel with a single platform

Make scheduling appointments, sending reminders, and notifications automatic. Make it easy to book consultations, check-ups, and other appointments.

  • Provide 24 x 7 Support
  • Be 24 x 7 available to your customers at all phases of their health & wellness journey
  • Build Own WhatsApp Chatbot
  • Automate your conversations with WhatsApp Chatbot for better engagement.
Provide 24 x 7 Support

Automate Appointment Schedules, Reminders and notifications

Increase patient attendance by sending appointment reminders on WhatsApp automatically. This easy action can cut down on missed appointments and make patient care better.

Make appointment schedules, reminders, and notifications automatic. Make it easy to book consultations, check-ups, and more.


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Promote Test Packages & Health Supplements

With, a platform built on Official WhatsApp Business APIs, you can easily send broadcasts to as many users as you need all at once.

Plus, you can include images, clickable buttons, and links with your message to make it highly interactive.


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Frequently Asked Question

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A: Yes, WhatsApp has certain guidelines and policies that businesses must adhere to while using WhatsApp Business API. These include restrictions on sending promotional content, complying with opt-in/opt-out regulations, and respecting user privacy.

A: Yes, WhatsApp Business API is designed with security and privacy in mind. It offers end-to-end encryption for messages, ensuring that patient data and communications remain secure.

A: WhatsApp Business API offers several benefits for the healthcare industry. It enables seamless communication between healthcare providers and patients, facilitates appointment scheduling, provides real-time updates and reminders, offers personalized support, and enhances overall patient engagement and satisfaction.
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