Connect Better with Conversational AI!

Get people excited about your new releases, suggest shows that match their interests, and attract more subscribers by having meaningful conversations with your audience at every stage with WhatsApp Business API.

Connect Better with Conversational AI!

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Drive Targeted Ad Campaigns & Real-Time Updates for Maximum Impact!

Harness the power of WhatsApp Business API for your media and entertainment promotions. Engage fans with updates, exclusive content, and real-time interactions.

  • Event Updates and Reminders
  • Keep fans informed about event schedules, venue changes, or last-minute announcements with WhatsApp Broadcasting.
  • Marketing & Promotions
  • Say goodbye to multiple websites or apps – streamline customer experience with quick and hassle-free bookings, all in one place!
Event Updates and Reminders
Easy Subscription Management & Hassle-Free Billing Support!

Easy Subscription Management & Hassle-Free Billing Support!

Enable users to independently update subscription plans, renew packages, make payments, and manage their accounts.

Automate frequently asked questions (FAQs) regarding billing and account information, freeing up agents to prioritise critical customer interactions.


Turn casual viewers into devoted fans with

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Event Updates and Reminders: Keeping Fans Informed and Engaged!

Send timely event information and reminders to fans' mobile devices, keeping them informed and engaged throughout the experience.

Recommend fresh and popular content tailored to your users' individual preferences, re-engaging dormant subscribers.

Event Updates and Reminders: Keeping Fans Informed and Engaged!

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Frequently Asked Question

Need A Support?

A: The WhatsApp Business API is a communication platform that allows businesses in the media and entertainment industry to connect with their audience, deliver personalized content, and provide customer support through the WhatsApp messaging app.

A: By leveraging the WhatsApp Business API, the industry can enhance audience engagement by sending timely updates, promoting new releases, and providing personalized content recommendations. It also enables efficient customer support, allowing users to interact with businesses directly through WhatsApp

A: Chatbots integrated with the WhatsApp Business API can automate responses to frequently asked questions, provide instant assistance, and handle customer queries at any time of the day. They enhance efficiency, reduce response times, and offer a seamless conversational experience for users.

A: The verified green tick is a symbol of authenticity and trust. When businesses in the media and entertainment industry have a verified green tick on their WhatsApp account, it establishes credibility with users, assuring them that they are interacting with a legitimate and verified entity.

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