Leverage WhatsApp for Finance & Insurance

Carry out KYC processes like ID verification, document verification etc

Offer 24/7 support to clients via WhatsApp

Share invoices, e-policies, e-receipts with customers


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Empowering FinTech Conversations: Pay, Invest, Engage - All in One Chat!

Increase sales by sending personalised recommendations for banking, financial services, and insurance (BFSI) products based on purchase history and credit score.

  • Carry Digital eKYC
  • Make KYC simple with step-by-step guidance and collecting documents on WhatsApp.
  • Convey Transactional Notifications
  • Use WhatsApp to ensure that customers stay informed about their financial transactions and obligations.

Onboarding Made Easy: Chat, Verify, Activate - in No Time!

Simplify the onboarding process by replacing Complex form filling and document collection with effortless chat interactions

Facilitate KYC verification, customer onboarding, and activation through messaging, voice, and video. Achieve a significant 26% reduction in onboarding time


Transform occasional users into dedicated clients with Anantya.ai

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Reduce Customer Drop-Offs and Churn by Using WhatsApp

Help new customers get started easily with interactive messages on WhatsApp.

Get the info you need from customers and guide them on what to do next. Share helpful details about your products and services with PDFs and videos.


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Frequently Asked Question

Need A Support?

A: A finance or banking chatbot encompasses a spectrum of capabilities, from straightforward, predefined journeys for common queries to sophisticated AI-driven conversations. These chatbots are trained on industry-specific data and scenarios within the banking, financial services, and insurance (BFSI) sector.

Intuitive and Convenient: A finance chatbot offers customers an intuitive and self-serve channel, available 24/7, for transactions, advice, and product exploration. Wide Engagement: With conversational AI, financial service providers can engage customers across 30+ messaging channels, catering to commerce, marketing, and support needs. Meaningful Digital Experiences: Deliver meaningful digital experiences to customers at scale, ensuring easy onboarding, accelerated transactions, simplified service requests, and elevated support quality.

A: Yes, WhatsApp can be utilized for marketing and promotional activities in the BFSI industry. Companies can share updates about new products, exclusive offers, investment opportunities, and financial tips to engage customers and nurture leads. However, it is important to follow WhatsApp's policies and guidelines for marketing purposes.

A: To maximize the benefits of WhatsApp, BFSI companies should focus on providing personalized customer experiences, ensuring timely responses to customer queries, maintaining data privacy, leveraging automation for routine tasks, and continuously adapting to customer needs and preferences.
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