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About Us

At, We are dedicated to creating a world where small to medium-sized companies can grow their businesses smartly. Our ultimate goal is to assist businesses in connecting with their customers wherever they may be, particularly on messaging platforms, ensuring constant accessibility, personalization, and real-time engagement.

At, we provide companies with easy-to-use customer engagement software that leverages the power of the WhatsApp Business API, enabling personalized conversations with customers at scale. For instance, our API allows you to programmatically send customized notifications directly from your system.

Moreover, our platform offers SMEs a seamless inbox equipped with smart routing, canned responses, data tagging, and analytics, enabling them to efficiently support their customers.

Where We Are

Our Global Presence operates in all regions of the world
Our expanding market presence brings us closer to our local and regional customers and gives us greater capability to serve these customers through a global workforce that is dedicated to establishing and maintaining true partnerships. Backbone!


Yashika kothari

CEO & Founder

Yashika Kothari is the brains behind, a top-notch platform that helps businesses with AI-based conversations.

She studied Economics and Mathematics at Hansraj College and also did a program in Product Management at the Indian School of Business.
Looking ahead, Yashika sees a bright future for
“We want to keep making our platform better and offering more helpful features for businesses and their customers. We are more focused on Generative AI right now, so chats between businesses and customers are more personalised and natural. We are planning to expand in new countries, teaming up with local businesses to help them communicate better.”
Let's talk

Our goal is to create the best platform for having enjoyable conversations with customers, making sure they are happy and satisfied. We aim to be at the forefront of innovation and provide an exceptional customer experience.

We imagine a world where businesses communicate with customers through personalised conversations, fostering meaningful relationships and understanding their unique needs.

We are deeply committed to our customers, placing their needs and satisfaction above all else. Integrity and honesty are at the heart of everything we do, as we believe in conducting business with transparency and ethical conduct.

Our Philosophy

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