Reduction in Response Time


Surge in One-Time Query Resolutions


of Queries Without Involving an Agent


Boost in CSAT Scores

Forge Reliable Connections Beyond WhatsApp with Fallback SMS

  • ✔️  Break the barriers between WhatsApp and non-WhatsApp users. Craft tailored messages for each user segment, enhancing personalized interactions.
  • ✔️  Fine-tune your broadcast strategy for optimal results. Ensure messages are received, whether through WhatsApp or reliable fallback SMS.
  • ✔️  Expand your audience and stimulate higher user interaction. Diversify your approach to cater to different user preferences, maximizing engagement.
Maximize Message Delivery

Identify users without WhatsApp accounts and seamlessly reach them via SMS.

Optimize Costs and Resources

Reduce the cost of exclusive WhatsApp campaigns by efficiently connecting with users through fallback SMS.

Ensure Reliable Connections

Establish a reliable connection that transcends the limitations of individual messaging platforms.

Complete Reach Across User Base

Ensure messages reach all users, regardless of their WhatsApp status.


Why Implement WhatsApp Fallback SMS?

  • ✔️  Find users without WhatsApp and send messages through SMS. Ensure no missed opportunities or incomplete communication.
  • ✔️  Streamline messaging for both WhatsApp and SMS. Cut costs by efficiently connecting with users through fallback SMS.
  • ✔️  Deliver messages consistently to build trust. Establish a reliable connection that goes beyond individual messaging platforms.

Take Your WhatsApp Engagement to the Next Level!

Implement Anantya.ai's WhatsApp Fallback SMS feature today and revolutionize your customer engagement strategy.