Engage Customers through Unlimited WhatsApp Broadcasting

Personalise and manage your campaigns to build strong customer relationships & get better results. Import your contacts and send WhatsApp broadcast messages with one click.


Connect, Automate, & Streamline

Schedule Messages

Plan and send out campaigns according to your schedule, ensuring messages reach your audience at the right time for maximum impact and engagement.

Campaign Management

Make sales and marketing easier by organising and tracking your campaigns. Improve results by keeping an eye on how they're doing and making changes as needed.

Real-Time Analytics

With Anantya.ai, you gain valuable insights into your customers' preferences. By understanding their behaviour, you can optimise your strategies and drive revenue growth.

Create Targeted Broadcasting Campaigns

Engage Timely to Increase Client Retention

Is there a more effective approach to conversion than conversational marketing?
Explore the various channels for interacting with social media followers, internet visitors, and in-store walk-ins.

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Engage your customer base by offering promotions, discount codes, and flash sales to boost sales conversions. Let's spice up your marketing strategy and reel in those conversions!

Drive your customers to explore other products or services that are customised to their needs. Let's give them a little nudge in the right direction!

Sustain customer engagement and inspire them to repeat purchases by providing regular updates. Let's keep them coming back for more!


Attract More Customers with Personalised Campaigns

  • Automate campaigns to target specific groups for more sales.

  • Reach many people with broadcast campaigns and react to events like abandoned carts.

  • Boost loyalty and sales with one-time or repeating WhatsApp notifications.

Maximise ROI by Improvised Marketing Campaign

  • Analyse the impact and success of your WhatsApp campaigns with real-time visual dashboards

  • Monitor campaign conversions and their impact on your revenue

  • Boost campaign effectiveness and refine customer experiences to increase ROI and conversions

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