WhatsApp Catalog: List your Products Online

Create product collections in your WhatsApp catalogs to make it easier for customers to find what they're looking for. This makes shopping simpler and more enjoyable for them.

Showcase Your Products Using WhatsApp Catalog

                    Connect with a wider audience on WhatsApp.

Connect with a wider audience on WhatsApp.

  • Seamlessly send product catalogs to thousands of customers who have opted in to receive updates on WhatsApp.

  • Set up custom auto-replies to FAQs, welcome messages, out-of-office notifications, or delay responses during work hours.

  • Automate abandoned cart notifications to recover lost sales.

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Simplify shopping with WhatsApp

  • Display your products in one message with clear images, descriptions, and prices

  • Make buying simple by providing an easy way to browse and purchase everything in one place.

  • Sending personalised product recommendations and promotions to customers.

Simplify shopping with WhatsApp
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