Power Packed Features

Share Product Catalogs at Scale

Share product catalogs with customers on WhatsApp through campaigns and auto-replies, reaching a larger audience.

Streamline Business Communication

Automate replies for frequently asked questions (FAQs), and receive alerts for crucial events like cash on delivery confirmations, abandoned carts, and special offers.

Drive Engagement with Bulk Campaigns

Create one-time or recurring campaigns to engage customers, boost sales, and generate greater interest in your products or services.

Team Inbox & Chat Widgets

Enhance your e-store with WhatsApp widgets, enabling unlimited team members to collaborate and provide scalable customer support.

Track Chat & Campaign Analytics

Monitor the performance of your campaigns, response rates, and resolution times to continuously improve the overall customer experience.

Green Tick Verification

Apply for the coveted Green tick verification on WhatsApp, adding credibility to your brand and building trust among customers.

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