Appointment Booking & Reminders

With's simple chatbot builder, you can easily create a chatbot without any coding. This chatbot will allow your customers to book appointments through WhatsApp, making it more convenient for them. Additionally, send timely reminders via WhatsApp to ensure that appointments are not missed.


Patient Feedback

Getting feedback from patients is essential for elevating your offerings and fostering trust and loyalty. Engage your customers directly by asking them about their service experience, and utilize their valuable feedback to refine and enhance your strategies – all through simple text messages!"


Share Reports and Schedule Appointments

With just a few taps, you can now share important medical reports, saving valuable time and effort. Our chatbot also facilitates seamless appointment scheduling and grants you easy access to pending reports, all within the WhatsApp platform.


Share Health Tips

From nutrition tips and exercise routines to stress management techniques, send valuable insights that align with patients' needs. Analyzes patients health data, preferences, and goals to provide tailored and relevant health suggestions.


Easy Payments and Promotions

Discover the power of upselling and cross-selling by providing your customers with personalized health checkup, supplement, and other product recommendations based on their past purchases. With our WhatsApp integration, you can effortlessly send payment links for quick settlements, making the buying process seamless and convenient for your valued customers.

Keep healthy conversations with your customers

  • ✔️  WhatsApp Chatbot for Hospital Staff to Inquire about Equipment Availability and Status.
  • ✔️  With quick access to information, staff can promptly respond to patient needs, resulting in faster and more effective care delivery.

Collaboration within the
Hospital Staff

Be 24 x 7 available to your customers at all phases of their health & wellness journey

Create customer interactions with proactive communications and automation.

Watch engagement levels rise by interacting at the right time via personalized messages.


Keep your finger on your Customer’s Pulse

  • ✔️  Whatsapp bots can manage queries, provide information, route to departments, and collect feedback for improved customer experience.
  • ✔️  Chatbots can escalate complex questions, patients access chat history and pertinent information for enhanced support.

Frequently Asked Question

A: Yes, WhatsApp has certain guidelines and policies that businesses must adhere to while using WhatsApp Business API. These include restrictions on sending promotional content, complying with opt-in/opt-out regulations, and respecting user privacy.

A: Yes, WhatsApp Business API is designed with security and privacy in mind. It offers end-to-end encryption for messages, ensuring that patient data and communications remain secure.

A: WhatsApp Business API offers several benefits for the healthcare industry. It enables seamless communication between healthcare providers and patients, facilitates appointment scheduling, provides real-time updates and reminders, offers personalized support, and enhances overall patient engagement and satisfaction.

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