Effortless Bookings

Enable customers to book flights, hotels, and other travel services effortlessly by opt-in at checkout, and sending the booking confirmation, and Day of Ops messaging, like check-in notifications, digital boarding passes, flight status updates, etc.


Share Exciting Deals
and Offers

Keep customers updated on the latest and most thrilling deals and personalized offers on hotel packages & holiday activities. Send contextual offers and promotions and increase your travel bookings through WhatsApp.


Automated customer

Use a travel chatbot to Respond promptly, 24/7, resolving 70% of customer queries in real-time to your customers when they scan a QR code, text your business, or click a button on your website or app.


Abandoned Bookings

Send customers a reminder message to them that they still have items in their cart. Provide delightful and memorable experiences that make customers want to return for more.


Get Customer Reviews

Establish customer satisfaction that helps to predict business growth and revenue. Decide how well your products or services satisfy customer expectations. It is one of the most important indicators of purchase intentions and customer loyalty.

Share Exclusive Travel Deals and Offers with Click to WhatsApp ADs

  • ✔️  Run click to WhatsApp ads with exclusive offers to generate interest
  • ✔️  Use WhatsApp links to promote on social media and other platforms
  • ✔️  Add a WhatsApp widget on your website to initiate conversations.

Reduce drop-offs, take bookings & payments
for travel packages on WhatsApp

Collect Package Customizations and Requirements via WhatsApp

Conveniently Share Final Proposals and Itineraries as PDFs on WhatsApp

Confirm Bookings and Accept Payments on WhatsApp

Send proactive updates for travel booking confirmation, & Reminders

  • ✔️  Provide Booking Progress Updates for International Travel, including VISA Applications and More
  • ✔️  Simplify Rescheduling and Service Requests via WhatsApp
  • ✔️  Effortlessly Share Boarding Passes and E-Tickets on WhatsApp for Convenient Document Access

Frequently Asked Question

A: Conversational automation offers numerous benefits to the travel and hospitality industry. It allows businesses to engage and support travelers on their preferred messaging apps, enhancing customer experience and building personal connections. By automating tasks such as bookings, flight rescheduling, and providing real-time notifications, conversational automation brings efficiency to operations and improves overall customer satisfaction.

A: Absolutely! Conversational automation empowers hotels to offer contactless services such as check-in and check-out, airport transfers, and room service orders. Guests can conveniently communicate their requests and access essential information like Wi-Fi details or laundry facilities through messaging apps, enhancing convenience and guest satisfaction.

A: Absolutely! Conversational automation provides an engaging platform for businesses to upsell and cross-sell to guests and travelers. By engaging in conversational interactions, businesses can suggest additional services, amenities, or upgrades tailored to individual preferences, thereby boosting revenue opportunities and enhancing customer satisfaction.

A: Yes, conversational automation benefits both travelers and businesses. Travelers enjoy the convenience of seamless bookings, real-time assistance, and personalized recommendations throughout their journey. For businesses, it enables improved customer engagement, operational efficiency, and revenue generation through upselling and cross-selling opportunities.

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