Messaging Channels


Leverage teams of agents to engage with your audience, generate leads, and foster enduring customer relationships on the most popular messaging channel in Japan, Taiwan, and Thailand.

  • Handling inbound conversations - Extend warm welcomes to customers, provide information about availability, and direct them to the appropriate agent or department for assistance.
  • Responding to chats - Seamlessly transfer customers, create support tickets, or process orders promptly to ensure customer satisfaction.
  • Conversation Supervision and Reporting - Evaluate agent performance, maintain complete visibility over conversations, and intervene as needed to uphold service standards.
  • Marketing Analytics - Assess campaign effectiveness and strategize for improvement to maximize marketing impact.
  • Transactional notifications - Keep customers informed with timely updates such as appointment reminders, payment receipts, and delivery updates.
  • Business process implementation - Tailor Facebook Messenger to suit your business needs and optimize operational efficiency.

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